Your Session

Your Session

You’ve booked your session, paid your reservation fee and are ready to go. Now what?

After we’ve set your date we will brainstorm and flesh out the details of your portrait session. Items to discuss are location, theme, clothing and any questions you may have. This collaborative process will ensure that you get a custom and unique portrait session that exemplifies you. Don’t worry if you don’t have specific ideas or locations in mind, I have lots of suggestions.

Session Day

Each session is a bit different, but below is a general description of what will happen for a Maternity, Child or Family Session.

After meeting at the chosen location we will spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know each other. If we are at your house, I will ask for a quick tour so I can get ideas of where we will shoot. I will give general instructions of where I want you to go and what you should do and then I will start photographing what happens. Sometimes I will direct you and ask you to do something specific and sometimes I will be quietly moving around you taking pictures.

It’s ok for the kids to play and be silly and to even ignore me, please don’t feel stressed or worried about them cooperating. I am a mom of three and I have picked up a number of tricks over the years of photographing little ones to help them engage and have fun. Also if you desire, you are welcome to bring a support person or people to the session to help with the little ones. Generally,¬†Children, Family and Maternity Sessions take about 1-2 hours and allow for outfit and sometimes location changes.

Newborn Sessions are scheduled within the first 10 days after birth and are typically 4 hours long. These sessions are almost always at your house enabling you to stay home with your newborn. I will arrive with many snuggly blankets, props and everything needed for the session and we will also include any props or possessions that you want in the portraits. After a quick tour of your house, I may ask to move things around and to open window treatments. Don’t worry though, I will make sure it is all back where it belongs when I leave. The newborn sessions have ample time built in for feeding, diapering and snuggling breaks so that baby and mommy are comfortable and content.

For information about birth sessions contact me.

After The Session

I take your photos back to my studio and begin the editing process. A couple days after the session I will email you a sneak peak of an image or two and then three weeks after your shoot I will send you a link to your private online gallery where you can view your portraits and purchase prints, albums, specialty products and wall displays. Orders will take approximately 3 weeks to fulfill.