HOLY BABY PORTRAIT, BATMAN! [Austin Newborn Photographer]

As you may remember, when you last saw this Caped Crusader he was chilling in the Bat-womb silhouetted under a tree at sunrise. For you a couple months have passed but for our heroes it’s a mere 3 weeks later and like all great super heroes, he started out larger than life — greeting the world as a newborn weighing 10 lbs! This Winged Avenger has a big brother whose love for Batman is possibly only topped by his devotion to Superman so we just couldn’t pass up the comic book themed portrait. What a Dynamic Duo!

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  1. Sarahlove January 11, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    Holy cuteness!!! They are beautiful (ivy too). Love the one of them laying down looking at each other. Aweeeeeee!

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