SWEET BABY M [Austin Newborn Photographer]

I’m used to big babies.

It seems that I am rarely around tiny babies, not even newborns. At birth, my kids were in the 8-10 lb range. And most other babies I’ve had the privilege to know and photograph are generally around 8 lbs as well.

There is something so sweet and special about those little ones, this wee baby was barely 6 lbs when we had our session and I admit I may have taken more time than necessary cuddling and nuzzling him.

We had a good time with these photos, his daddy was a Marine and it was fun to compare Dad’s hat to Baby M’s size. There was also a plethora of beautiful blankets hand knitted for him. Definitely a little one who is surrounded by love.

Austin Newborn Photographer Deborah Lykins

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