BRIDAL PORTRAITS [Austin Portrait Photographer]

And now for something completely different…

Though my focus now is on family photography and all that encompasses, I do occasionally find myself making bridal portraits, covering events, fidgeting with things in a product shoot or working on personal photo projects. I really enjoy how broad a field photography is and love to pick my camera up and do something different.

I’ve decided to showcase some of the different types of work I’ve done here. I always learn something new with each project or job I do and that influences how I approach my lifestyle photography and portraiture.

Here is a bridal portrait session I did a while back. It was a very cold winter day and she spent a lot of it outside in a dress made for spring. I was cold and I had a coat and hat on. She was amazing, you’d never know how cold it was by looking at her.


Bridal Portrait Deborah Lykins Austin Photographer

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