A. ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME… [Austin Baby Photographer]

This little girl loves to have her portrait made. Her parents and I had quite a list of ideas we wanted to try and she happily posed for every single one. It was one of those sessions where everything went smoothly and exactly the way it was supposed to… until I went to load my gear in the car… and couldn’t find my keys anywhere, not even when I looked in the windows of the car. I took a chance and called AAA to rescue me, hoping the keys were in the car.

The AAA guy arrived and pried the door open with an inflatable balloon and long stick… still no keys. Finally, they were located in the latch of the lift gate. They fell there while I was unloading my gear and when the lift gate shut it pressed against the lock button on my keys and locked the car. This unique way of locking keys in a car impressed the AAA guy. What can I say… I’ve got skills.

During the wait for my knight in shining tow truck, I learned this little one’s birth story. Believe it or not she was just over 2 pounds when she was born. A strong little girl even then, she rocked the NICU and here she is 3 months old posing perfectly for our shoot. Love hearing stories like these! Loved this little family!



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