Custom Keepsake Boxes – Misc. Monday [Austin Modern Photographer Designer]



These boxes are a favorite of many clients. Available only as part of the digital file packages they give you a secure and archival place to store your files and prints – or anything else you want to put in there.

Each keepsake box is custom designed to fit with the feel and color palette of your session. The boxes themselves are sturdy and well constructed. I was amazed at the quality of them the first time I held one. This is an heirloom piece for sure.

Other than storing your session prints you can use theses boxes as a unique and modern way to

  • Hold note cards and envelopes
  • Store small knick knack or mementos
  • Organize pens and post it pads on your desktop
  • Organize and store your flash drives

My daughter confiscated one of my sample boxes to keep as a treasure box, she felt it was only right because it had her photo on it. She keeps her jewelry, which at 4 years old consists of plastic Mardi Gras necklaces and Jelly bracelets, and some little mini books that she loves in her photo box.

What would you keep in your custom keepsake box?



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I know its 100 degrees outside and summer feels like it will never end… but guess what? School has started and now you’ve got homework, after-school activities, weekend soccer games, soon you’ll be making Halloween costumes, cooking Thanksgiving dinner and …boom… you need to send out your holiday cards.

What photo will you use?

Don’t get stuck trying to throw something together at the last minute! Shoot me an email. Let’s plan your creative, fun portrait session now! And you’ll have a holiday card that people will keep on their refrigerator all year!



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