All Star Busy Ps Mini Session [Austin Children’s Photograher]

I think this session wins the most creative trick for getting a smile award.

I’ve seen and used a lot of different methods for getting smiles. Most of them consisting of me acting and looking completely foolish. I have no shame and will do anything to get that natural looking smile and laugh.

However this little one’s mom came prepared (Love it!) with a mirror and boy did she just light up when it came out and she saw her reflection in it.

Why have I never thought of this? I use the LCD screen on my camera all the time to show little ones their pictures. It can transform the most reluctant child into an enthusiastic participant. It makes sense that a mirror would work as well.

I mean, who doesn’t like to ham it up in front of the mirror?!

This little trick is now in my camera bag. Thanks Mom!

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