Wildflower Portrait Sessions in Austin, Texas

A lot of the old weather adages that I grew up with in Illinois just don’t fit here in Central Texas. The traditional saying “In like a lion out like a lamb” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in a city where the average high at the beginning of March is 70°F and the average at the end of the month is 77°F.

“April showers bring May flowers” is another one that at the very least needs to be adapted for our area. I think “February showers bring March flowers” should do it.

And  March wildflowers in Central Texas are a site to behold. There are waves and waves of Bluebonnets, Daisies and Indian Paintbrushes in the fields. We have websites and maps dedicated to Wildflower viewing and along the roads you see cars pulled over and people hiking through the fields, taking photos, having family and child portraits made and generally just reveling in the flowers.

Pictures of children in wildflower fields start hitting the internet as early as February and things really get popping in March, bleeding into April… but by May, my friends, as the rest of the country up north is starting to bud and blossom, central Texas is moving on to the latter parts of spring and into summer. The flowers are gone for another year.

With the limited time frame we have in Austin for spring wildflowers it is important to reserve your portrait session as soon as possible.  Booking your child or family photo date now will ensure that you get the fabulous beautiful wildflower fields of color that central Texas is so famous for.

Contact me to request session info and get my available dates.

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