Sweet Color – South Congress Sisters Portrait Session

Bright colors, cupcakes, giant lollipops, South Congress Avenue, super fun beautiful girls, a fantastic mom, and a special assistant. A recipe for a successful portrait session if I’ve ever seen one.

When planning this shoot with their mom, she told me she wanted the portraits to have bright vivid colors and vintage fun feel. We both agreed the color and personality of South Austin was the perfect backdrop. There were so many fun spots that night that it was literally impossible to get through them all. So we picked the top five locations and just played and had a blast.

We also had a special guest for the shoot as my sister Carissa was in town visiting and volunteered to come along and help.

It was girl party on SoCo!

After our shoot was over we hung out and ate dinner at the SoCo trailers.

What a perfect evening!

Thank you ladies!

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  1. Mary Janecek-Friedman January 25, 2020 at 6:10 pm #

    You really make those colors pop! Beautiful photos.

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