Summer Portraits in Illinois

Child portrait in tall grass with red barn.

The first sneak peak from this summer’s Champaign, Illinois sessions.

One of the best things about summer is going back to Champaign for an extended visit. The kids have a blast playing with their grandparents, cousins and friends and running around doing tons of activities. I too get to spend quality time with family and friends and I also get to mix it up a bit with my photo sessions, exploring new locations and environments.

This summer was particularly exciting on the portrait front. I packed in 5 sessions in the past couple weeks, each one in with a unique location and feel. I am excited by the initial edits and can’t wait to show them to everyone. If only I could have brought home the wonderful babysitter who watched my kids in Illinois while I worked. She was awesome! If you need a babysitter in Champaign, shoot me a message I got the goods on a great one!


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